Elazar Tehrani is a licensed clinical Psychologist (license #PSY28780), who received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA, and his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. At UCLA, Elazar engaged in research, while studying the process of learning and reasoning in both children and adults. Elazar also conducted research at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, related to the treatment of sexually abused children and adolescents. Additionally, Elazar has interned at schools, counseling centers, and hospitals, while treating children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Common challenges that Elazar helps treat include depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, self- esteem, and different forms of severe mental illness. Elazar’s training also includes the assessment and treatment of personality disorders within the individual, group, and family context.

Although many people suffer from depression and anxiety, there are many other situations in life that can be explored in therapy. Often clients experience a sense of feeling lost, or have a difficult time when making important life decisions. If you experience challenges in your life, but don’t necessarily identify with a mental health diagnosis, then consider exploring these issues in a confidential setting.

Finding the right therapist can itself be an anxiety-provoking situation. Elazar suggests it may be necessary to meet with more than one professional before finding the right therapist for you. Your connection with your therapist will be one of the most important factors in your growth and healing. Elazar uses a supportive, client-centered approach incorporating psychodynamic and humanistic qualities. For more information regarding Elazar’s training, or to better understand the different treatment approaches, please feel free to call or text at