Elazar uses a supportive, client-centered approach incorporating psychodynamic and humanistic qualities. In client-centered therapy, although Elazar can help explore topics, the client selects the subjects and goals that are focused on during the session. Elazar will help reflect thoughts and feelings without judgment. Similar to humanistic-based therapy, Elazar utilizes unconditional positive regard without blame. In this approach, there is not necessarily a set goal, although the client strives to continuously grow and reach a higher level of self-actualization.


In psychodynamic-based therapy, the Elazar and the client work together to establish goals during the session. Goals often include exploring thoughts, feelings, and memories related to the client’s past, in order to increase insight and awareness. This approach incorporates the idea that there is an unconscious part of the mind that produces anxiety, which can lead to a false sense of self.


In Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy (CBT) the client and therapist work together to establish goals during the session. CBT focuses on how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect one another. CBT is traditionally considered short-term and solution-focused. The focus is on present issues, with little emphasis on the past. CBT may involve exploring core beliefs that lead to automatic thoughts. Homework, such as thought logs, is often utilized between sessions.